21-K13 Amami Arakashi B


Item number B02944-B

Artists : Ken Fujimoto / Nanjo, Okinawa Prefecture
Material : Mainly Okinawa Tree
Size : about φ190 × H80 mm

Amami Alakashi of one point. It is distorted or missing, broken or holes open. With the passage of time by scraping out in the state of the raw wood, it is a comfortable work that is soft and deformed to the hard part.

Amami Arakashi is a unique species of Yonaguni Island from Amami Oshima. It will be a tree that arrived for the first time in the rainy weather as a healthy work.

※ There are individual differences in size, shape, glaze, color taste, etc. with handmade goods, and it may differ from the picture.

※ After use, use a neutral detergent and a soft sponge. After washing, let me dry naturally with a drain. When storing, please be a ventilated shade. It is finished with oil from the top after painting urethane on the base. If you get lost in the tree, you will get moisturizing and getting thinner with fine oil and lean oil.

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