Floating Daen M A


Item NumberB01363-A

Making hand: Shimoo Design / Yachito Toyama Prefecture
Material: Tamo Made
Size: About W350 × D245 × H30 mm


It is a wooden depression that is beautiful and named a floating.
Since the oil is strongly finished and the water is finished, meat dishes can also be filled directly.

Daen's M size is a great depression recommended as a hors d'oe d'oebble dish.
Daen's floating finish will be the original work with Shimoo Design requested Shimoo Design.


※ SHIMOO DESIGN work is made with one handmade. There are differences in color, shape and size for works that arrive at the picture of the picture, but it would be appreciated if you enjoy each personality.
Please refrain from using the knife to damage the surface coating. Also, if you put curry, please refrain from sorting because the color may be.

We will deliver the work of the photo. Please be careful not to make a mistake in the number.

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