21-ta-3 abyss minivygr


Product Number G01569

Tsukuri: fresco Tsujino Tsuyoshi/Osaka Prefecture Izumi
Material: Glass
Size: Approximated 65 × H125 mm/caliber with a diameter of 30 mm

Tsujino's work is based on what we have found out of the bottom of the sea.
For many years, a glass jar, which had sunk in the sea, is characterized by a silver-like expression.

Tsuyoshi Tsujino's work is a single point made with a hand maid.
There are different colors, shapes, and sizes in the pictures and the work that you can reach with your hand, but if you can enjoy each other as their own individuality, you will be happy to see your own.
Since it is not a thermoproof material, use microwave ovens, heat-heat, and cool air-cooling materials.

microwave tableware and washing machine Oven
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