Oyabumi Lamp Shade Umbrella Bowl Type Spica Bronze


Item # G00562

Making hand: Oyabu Yomi / Okinawa Prefecture Yoma
Material: Glass

Size: Approximately φ160 mm × H140 to 150 mm (including brackets)
Watt Number: 60W (Mall E17)
Cord length: about 900 mm
Power supply voltage: 100v
Hanging sealing (ON / OFF switch without switch)

Spica is the α star of Virgo.
Of course the brilliance of the glass itself, it is a pendant light that is beautiful until the shadows when passing through the light.

The type of umbrella is characterized by the floating of the floating of the light through the glass centered on the top.
The brass is finished in black.

※ Oyabumi-san's work is made with one handmade.
There are differences in color, shape and size for works that arrive at the picture of the picture, but it would be appreciated if you enjoy each personality.
If it is used for a long time, the work may be hot with the heat of the light bulb, so please be careful.

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