Color Uta 5 Slim Dish (Pink)


Item number B00395_4

Making hand: Nobuhiko Tanaka / Saitama Prefecture
Material: Magnet
Size: Approximately φ150 × H30 mm

Masterpiece of Tanaka 'colored depression'.
It is a work characterized by a beautiful world view expressed in combination with various colors.
It is recommended as a saucer.

※ There are individual differences in size, shape, glaze, color taste, etc. with handmade goods, and it may differ from the picture.

※ Request for use
With long-term use, dirt may be attached, but please use kitchen bleach.
This work is a porcelain, so there is no color change.
Because it uses mat-ridiculus (matte rape), it may be a black line with a metal cutlery. In addition, if you are not good at friction sound of matte, we recommend using wooden cutlery.
Before using it, there is no need to simmer with rice and juice soup.
There is no problem with the use of microwaves, but it can not be used in an elevation or oven.
Please avoid the dishwasher as much as possible.
Because there are many thin ones, sudden temperature changes may cause burning and other scratches. It is safe to put it with a small amount of hot water etc. when putting hot water extremely hot water etc.

microwave oven Dishwasher oven
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