A rim of seven pieces of rim


Item number 000094 5

Making: Tanaka nobuhiko / Saitama Ken Iruma
Material: magnetite
Size: About  Φ 210 × H40mm

Mr. Tanaka's representative work "color utsuwa".
It is a feature of the beautiful world view expressed by combining various colors.
Recommended as one plate dish.

* there are individual differences in the size and shape of the handmade goods, how to wear the glaze, and the color taste.

* request for use
Depending on the use of the product, it may cause dirt may be attached to the kitchen.
This work is porcelain, so there is no color change and color change.
Please note that this product may be used when you rub it with a metallic cutlery. In addition, the use of wooden cutlery is recommended for those who are not able to rub the mat glaze.
Before use, it is not necessary to boil with rice juice.
The use of microwave oven is not a problem, but can not be used in direct fire or oven.
Avoid washing machine as much as possible.
Due to the fact that there are many thin products, it is possible to get scratches such as vivi due to rapid temperature change. If you put it into a cool container with extremely hot water, it is safe to put it in hot water.

Microwave range Dish washer Oven
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