YM Mug Lake Water


Item # C00074

Making hand: Mao Murakami / Gifu Prefecture
Material: Semporter
Size: AboutΦ95 × H 75 mm / about 200 CC

Colored mug with colored view.
The comfort is well delicious, such as coffee, tea, cocoa and chai, so warm drinks feel more warm and delicious.

※ There are individual differences in size, shape, glaze, color taste, etc. with handmade goods, and it may differ from the picture.
A unique expression that can be made when firing, called Kiln, is attractive.
The trace of clays that the shelf board and the high ground do not stick when the shelf board and the high ground are attached when firing called Tsume Yaki. An old look like a nostalgic look like a nostalgic appearance.

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