Kenji KOBAYASHI (Shinhon) Xuzaka Yosuke TSUKUKA + Kubo Yuko (Hinade Glass Crafts Company) × Asuharu ' The cherry blossoms of the water. '

It is a time for sake or tea that is popular with the love of cherry blossoms on the surface of the water.
The cherry blossoms in spring in the center of Kenji Kobayashi's cherry blossoms, the sunrise glass craftsman, and the sunrise glass
I would like to propose a good spring in spring with Yosuke TSUSAKA and Yuko Kubo, a glass of glass, to be shared with the glass.

Consession: March 13 (kin) March 23, March 23
Planned store date
Hinode Glass Craft Company, March 14 (Saturday), March 15 (Sunday)
Kenji KOBAYASHI (Shinhon), March 15 (date)

Photo/Yuijun Oh-nin