Cancellation policy

We do not accept any cancellation after shipping.
Before confirming your order, please check carefully the order details to see if your order is accurate.
In addition, please check the order details in the confirmation e-mail we send you.

However, we may cancel your order under the following circumstances.

・Where the craft you ordered has run out of stock due to the purchase at our shop in Tokyo; This may happen as some crafts available on our online store are also exhibited at our shop in Tokyo and may be purchased by a customer visiting our store in Tokyo simultaneously. In such a case, we will inform you so and your order can be cancelled.
・Where there is a significant change to your order and that we consider that it is better to cancel the order.
・Where we are unable to confirm your payment after payment deadline.

Change to your order

If you have any change to your order as shown below, please contact us.

・Change to the shipping address
・Change to your payment method
・Adding / change to your order
・Cancellation of a part of your order

You can change your order only until the crafts are shipped.
Please note that we do not accept any customer‘s request once the crafts are shipped.

If you are registered as a member, you can check the delivery status from "My Page”. We can accept changes only when the status "Preparing for delivery" on "My Page”. 

Phone number 03-3280-0766 (13:00~18:00 / MON・THU・FRI)  
Alternatively, please contact us with the form.