You can choose from the following 2 payment methods.


1.Credit card payment

The following 3 types of credit cards are available on this site.

We will debit automatically according to the terms of each credit card company.

It usually takes one week to up to 75 days to complete a refund process in case of an order cancellation or refund.

Please contact your credit card company if you want to know when you receive the refund.

2.Convenience store settlement (KOMOJU)

The following five convenience stores can accept the settlement.
※Available only in Japan.

Family Mart
Daily Yamazaki

When you settle at a convenience store, a settlement fee of 190 yen will be charged.

Please settle within three days from the order at the convenience store you chose at the time of the order.

Please check the payment information e-mail sent from for the total amount and pay. Please set your software so that you may receive an e-mail from the address above.