Michikazu Sakai × Tomoko Sakai × AMAHARE
「Life With」



Michikazu Sakai and Tomoko Sakai make pottery in Kagawa prefecture.

They use mimosa tree that fell in a typhoon as a glaze,
have a snack in the garden near the kiln, where the sun is pleasantly warm, and
warm themselves with the heat of the kiln on some cold nights.

Making tableware in a wood-fired kiln is a very difficult job,
but the two artists' lifestyle, in which they work in harmony with nature,
seems to ask us what is the essential richness of life.

We will proudly hold an exhibition of these two wonderful artists at AMAHARE for the first time in two years.
Please spend a pleasant time with the works of Michikazu and Tomoko as the weather gets even colder.


Date:Friday, 18 November, 2022 - Monday, 28 November, 2022 
*Holidays during the exhibition: Tuesday, 22 November, and Wednesday, 23 November

Open hours:13:00~18:00


◇雨晴/AMAHARE @amahare
5-5-2 Shirokanedai Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan, 108-1071


◇Meet the artists
Friday, 18 November


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Email info@amahare.jp here,
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Friday, 18 November
A 13:00-13:30
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Photo / Yuka Yanazume


With Shiro; White


 Life with White made by Tomoko.

Tomoko's white is also beautiful in the bluish shadows created by the moist light.


With Ao; Blue


Life with Blue made by Michikazu.

Oribe-yaki with an antique-like appearance and mimosa glaze tableware with a pleasantly soft gradation.


With Dappled Sunlight


A beautiful pendant light made by Tomoko.

You can healed by light like sunlight filtering through trees.


With Chinese Tea


Chinese tea set made by Michikazu and Tomoko.

The size of these tea ware is lovely.


With Warter


Tomoko's pitcher has a primitive appearance.

You can boil mild-tasting water with this lovely pitcher.


With Brass


This is a cray pot with brass handle.

You can enjoy the change over the years.


With Nature


When you have a tableware with a floral pattern,
you can feel the nature in your hand.


I remember the morning I stayed in the main house at their kiln
and woke up to the smell of fresh morning dew.

Please enjoy a comfortable life with pottery and vases that can only be made by Michikazu and Tomoko, who are making things in an environment with nature around them.