Oyabumi × Rainy "forbidden Ao"


ONLINE SHOPHargoyo rain 

20207Month17Day (Fri)21Hour- 7Month27Sun (Mon)21By time

Shirokane board rainy weather

20207Month24Day (Fri / Congratulation) ~ 7Month26Sun (Sun)


Because the color called "Ao" symbolizes Okinawa too much

"Oyabumiyo" who has been staining in that color.

In this exhibition, which is the first time to renovate your own gallery, it opens its forbidden "Ao".

Okinawa's "Ao", who has been looking for a long time

And please enjoy the work that expresses "Ao" from now on.


Based on this situation, this exhibition is ONLINE SHOPIt will be held mainly in the rainy farmor.

It would be nice if you enjoy the exhibition slowly at home.

※ ONLINE SHOP and store handling items are common. (Except Memory)

※ To avoid the crowd of the storeONLINE SHOPWe recommend using it.


MEMORYFor sale

We have been well received every year, Oyabu's representative work "MEMORY"but

There is a thinking that you want to consider and consider the characteristics of the work.

Please note that this will be sold only by the store of the platinum drain.

We will show you on the exhibition date at the store, so please look forward to it.


Click here for the ONLINE EXHIBITION venue

※ We will release from 21:00 on July 17 (Fri) 


Oyabumi × Rainy "forbidden Ao"