Press Release「KYO AMAHARE」
Debut at the end of November 2023


End of November 2023.
AMAHARE will open a new store "KYO AMAHARE" in Kyoto, the epicenter of Japanese culture.

On the next street to the north side of Nishiki Market.
In this autumn that leaves turn beautiful colors.
At a Kyomachiya with 110 years of history.

Although this townhouse with three gardens is located in the center of Kyoto, it is a comfortable place where you can feel nature "on rainy days and sunny days".

While learning about Japanese spirit from the people and town of Kyoto, we create space and time to pass on the Japanese aesthetic sense, view of nature, and beauty of Japanese craftsmanship to people in Japan and around the world who share the same values.

In the spring of 2024, we plan to open a "sabo'' (Japanese style cafe) in the brewery where you can experience the world of KYO AMAHARE.

We look forward to seeing you all in Kyoto.

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127 Aburaya-cho Yanaginobamba higashi-iru Takoyakushi-street Nakagyo-ku kyoto-city, Kyoto
WEB :  ※Event site will be released soon.
TEL : To be decided

Contact for press release

OMOBiTO co.,ltd / AMAHARE Director・PR
Kenichi Kaneko
5-5-2 Shirokanedai Minato-city Tokyo
TEL : 03-3280-0766