Winter "kasumi"

The popular "kasumi" series at AMAHARE.


"kasumi" is made by fresco, which has a studio in Izumi City, Osaka Prefecture.

Fresco creates glass works that blend into modern life with the theme of achieving both the "reliability" of the brand and the "originality" of handmade works.



"Glass"...the season I associate with it is summer.
It may seem difficult to suit it with the winter dinner table.

Although the glass has such an image, "kasumi" series are works that I would like to recommend to use throughout the four seasons.


"Kasumi" series was created with the image of "fog" in mind.
It has a soft texture that makes you wonder if it is glass, and it can be used comfortably on a winter table.
In addition, it is easy to use everyday because it has various colors and sizes and is useful in any scenes.


This time, I would like to show you the "usual dining table" by each color and size, and see the scenery of the dining table of the day.



Breakfast / plate S pu


Holiday breakfast

Since we are busy on weekday mornings, we tend to have a quick breakfast.
But, holidays are a blissful time where you can slowly eat your favorite food in your favorite plate.

Just putting your usual bread on your favorite plate will make it look gorgeous, so it will make you feel a little graceful from the morning.


bowl S iv


If you put seasonal fruits on kasumi bowl, it will look more fresher.
Perfect for serving yogurt as well as fruit.


Lunch / bowl M gr


It is very useful to have one "bowl M" in one family.
Salads made with seasonal vegetables in winter will look more beautiful when put in a gray bowl.

It goes well with other plates handled by AMAHARE.

I would like to recommend size "bowl ss" as a side bowls.
It may be fun if each family member has a different color "bowl ss".


Dinner / plate M iv


M size plate is recommended for pasta for one person.

Sometimes you may think it difficult to presenting food.
However, this plate makes it stylish and delicious just by presenting it roughly.


I'm sure this plate will be often used in the morning, day and night even in your house.


Nibbles / plate SS KURO


A mini plate is recommended for evening nibbles.

The plate used this time is AMAHARE's original color "KURO".
It is a special color prepared for KURO AMAHARE.


Dessert / bowl SS pu


It's cute to serve dessert on this bowl.

Personally, I like to eat ice cream in winter.
Put brown sugar syrup and Kinako (roasted soybean flour )on vanilla ice cream !




Give a present to the Kasumi series


It's almost Christmas.
Who will you give this year's gift to?
Your precious people, friends who always cheering you up , and a family who watchs over you from far away.


"Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!"

"Thank you for everything this year."


Let's give "kasumi" series to your precious person.

This series that goes well with other items with a simple design that you won't tire of.
"Kasumi" series will surely often use in the house you gave as a gift.