Nobuhiko Tanaka x AMAHARE "POP or PUNK?"



We will hold the first solo exhibition at AMAHARE by Nobuhiko Tanaka, who specializes in colorful expressions reminiscent of spring scenes.

What you can feel from the inside of his work that looks like POP is PUNK spirits.

Chefs all over the world are paying attention to the beautiful work created by combining reliable technique, sensibility and rebellious spirit.

In this exhibition, not only his signature work "Porcelain in colour" but also cool works will be lined up.

We look forward to your visit with his POP and punk rock works.


22 April (Fri) -8 May (Sun) 2022

 Holiday : Mon, Tue, Wed



5-5-2 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo


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22 April 2022 (Fri)


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Photo / Yuka Yanazume @yuka_yanazume




田中信彦 飛びカンナ



I like his Tobi-Kanna work.

It is one of the lineup of his signature work "Porcelain in colour", but its presence is outstanding.

It is a unique work that has been arranged in a POP and modern appearance by making the best use of the technique of "Tobi-Kanna" used for the works of folk art such as Onta ware.


田中信彦 ごま塩手



If "Porcelain in colour" is his A-side work, "Gomashiote" is cool B-side work.

Minor, not major

I think this work is a strong reflection of that stance.

Personally, I like the color slightly pink "ash peach".


田中信彦 色のうつわ

Porcelain in colour


His signature works "Porcelain in colour".
When I visited the atelier for an interview, I asked about the secret story behind his works birth.

I would like to touch on the details in the AMAHARE owned media "Kurashi wo Tsukuru Hito", but he talked about the work of "Red" that he made through trial and error, starting with the story of a shocking encounter with Lucie Rie.
The "Porcelain in colour" was created by layering colors on the red work.

This color scheme is now fascinating the chefs around the world.

Before you realize that it is a tableware, you will be drawn to the beauty of its colors.


田中信彦 荒磁



It looks like "pottery", but it is a work made of "porcelain".

He doesn't talk much about it, but he hopes that your interest in pop works will also lead to cool works that are close to the essence of pottery.

Of course, Instagenic tableware is nice, but these cool works make the foods look more delicious.

It is a work with antithesis against majors.


田中信彦 あられ



Porcelain in color "Vase".
My heart skipped a beat with a cute appearance with POP.

His favorite is the red work in the center.
While aiming for a fruit-like atmosphere, the color gradation created by chance is beautiful.

In addition to vases, plates and other items will be available for the popular "Arare", so please look forward to it!


田中信彦 朝露のような

田中信彦 朝露のような

Like morning dew


Beautiful lighting with impressive "drops" like morning dew dripping on plant.

By transmitting light from the inside, the texture and drops on the surface emerge softly.

This work, which was made possible by using highly translucent porcelain, is said by him, "it may be his first and last make?", so please enjoy its beautiful works at AMAHARE.



He has made more than 600 works in total, so there are some works that I haven't introduced yet.


Please look forward to his POP and punk work!