Teppei Terada×AMAHARE 「KUROgane」

KUROgane 寺田鉄平



What kind of black is the "black" that you imagine?
Glossy black, matte black, bluish black ...
The black color expressed by each material, such as pottery, glass, and lacquer ware, is different.

One of the AMAHARE brands "KURO".

Works selected together while directly asking the artists who is particular about the color of black.
Works produced for only KURO.
Works produced with new blending color for only KURO.

From the lineup of "KURO" that focuses on various "black", this time we will introduce the collaboration work "KUROgane" by Teppei Terada and AMAHARE.

Please give this column a read.


KUROgane 寺田鉄平

Teppei Terada


"I like various faces of the soil."

Teppei Terada, the 5th generation of Bizan Pottery which has a history of more than 130 years in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture.

He, who has been thinking long and hard about color "black", created this carbonized and fired vase so that he could express faces of the soil properly.
It may be jet black, or the non-carbonized parts may appear whitish or grayish.
If there is a crack during firing, he will be repairing it with gold or silver lacquer by himself.

Fascinated by the black world in the beautiful, carbonized vase of appearance, we decided to ask him to collaborate.

"KUROgane" named by him has two meanings.

The first meaning is "KUROgane (black and gold)," which is a combination of black glaze and gold edges, which is a feature of the work.
It has the opposite meaning for "SHIROKANE" which is the location of the AMAHARE store.

The other is "KUROgane," which means iron.
This comes from the letter "鉄(Iron)" in his first name "Teppei".

We like this name, which symbolizes that it is a collaboration work between Teppei Terada and AMAHARE.


寺田鉄平 KUROgane

Attention to detail


KUROgane is modern and gorgeous while feeling the warmth of handcrafts.
We were necessary to clear various issues before it became the current works.


KUROgane 寺田鉄平


This matte texture is one of them.

It is a glaze that was reviewed from the beginning in search of something close to carbonization, but it was a trial and error because it became glossy, and the texture was not good enough.

In addition, there was one thing he felt when using the finished works.

It's the feeling that the sponge gets caught while washing the works.
He wasn't convinced of it.

The works completed through trial and error was made harder to get caught by polishing the surface. When we heard this episode, we felt that he was particular about not only the appearance but also the usability.


KUROgane 寺田鉄平


The golden rim is designed to complement the dish without making too much insistence.
If the edge is too thick, it will be too gorgeous, and if it is too thin, it will not be noticeable.

KUROgane, made by him while paying attention to every detail, makes any dish, Japanese or Western, more beautiful.

It will make you excited about what to serve and will surely be an indispensable part of your daily table.


寺田鉄平 KUROgane



His top recommendation is oval plate.
We often see customers picking them up at AMAHARE stores.

We think the best size for serving finger food is popular point for everyone.

Even simple dishes can be served to give an elegant impression.


寺田鉄平 KUROgane

KUROgane BOWL 240


There are many different types of BOWL series.

An important point of serving is to make space around the food. The BOWL 240, made with that in mind, creates a space naturally just by presenting food in the center, making the food look delicious.

It can be used as a bowl for serving family dishes as well as for one person.
It can be used in various situations.


KUROgane 寺田鉄平

Understand the true charm by actually using it


Talking to him, we were impressed that he was serious about users.

Easy-to-use size, stackable for storage, how it fits in the cupboard, etc.

His work, which was created with usability in mind, will become a part of our daily lives.


KUROgane 寺田鉄平



We offer 3 sizes of rim plates to make it easy to choose according to your purpose.

This time we used rim plate 210 to dish out the salad.
It's a little big, but it's recommended for side plates.

Rim plate 180 can be used as a side plate or dessert plate.
The largest rim plate 270 is perfect for main dishes.

There is no doubt that it will be useful in various scenes.


KUROgane 寺田鉄平



A cup that can be used in various ways.

We tried to put the ice cream he recommended in it.
It is also recommended as a small bowl for serving soba choko, sake, and side dishes.


KUROgane 寺田鉄平

Discreet brilliance of black and gold


A dining table with plates of various shapes and materials.
We think that the fact that the plates go well together is one of the important elements for everyday dining.

"Gold" that makes brilliance to the dining table.
"Black" that stands out more when combined with other plates.

KUROgane with these two looks great, goes well with other containers and is suitable for any situation.

You are encouraged to give it a try.


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photo / Yuichiro Ohmura(2枚目)