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We are proudly announced that we will hold an exhibition by Shingo Oka and Satsuki for the first time in AMAHARE in this beautiful autumn season.

The concept of this exhibition is "twosome" which means duet.

Under glaze blue, inlay, overglaze enamel, Annan; painted wares made in Vietnam, Karatsu, etc.
Shingo and Satsuki create pottery with a history in the continent and Hizen. They always keep their mind to make pottery with their own expression.

We hope that you have a wonderful time in the autumn with the works of these two artists, who support each other in their creation.



Date : Friday, 16 September, 2022 - Sunday, 25 September 2022
*Closed Date : Tuesday, 20 September - Wednesday, 21 September
*We will open on Monday (national holiday), 19 September!

Opening hours : 13:00~18:00



雨晴/AMAHARE @amahare
5-5-2 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo



Only those who have been mailed an invitation DM will be accepted by appointment on Friday, 16 September.
We appreciate your understanding about our store operation on the first day.
After Saturday 17, September, You can come whenever you want to.
If crowds are expected, We will distribute numbered tickets, so we ask for your understanding in that case.

◇Meet the Artists

Due to this situation of the COVID, Shingo Oka and Satsuki will not be present at the exhibition.
We are very sorry for your disappointment, but we appreciate your understanding.

◇Online shop

Sales at the online shop are undecided. When the details are decided, we will inform you SNS and e-mail newsletter.

We look forward to seeing you at our store.



Photo / Yuka Yanazume
Art Direction / Kazuhiro Sawamoto


He and She are a twosome.


Shingo Oka and Satsuki Oka

We had exhibitions each of them several times but this is the first time for us having two of them at the same time.

Initially, I asked for having an exhibition by Satsuki Oka only.
However, She asked me that Shingo wanted to hold an exhibition as well.

Actually, I was so glad that we got opportunity to hold exhibition by Mr. and Mrs. Oka.
I immediately asked them for having it.

Satsuki said that she felt shy about the word of "pairs" and suggested to change the word into "twosome."
So, the theme of this exhibition became "twosome".

I personally felt interesting that they are married and yet she wanted to use the word "twosome,"
but I was also looking forward to this day, thinking that it was very typical way of thinking by Satsuki.


one plus one equals three


I have visited the Tenpyo Kiln in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture, nearly 10 times because I am so happy to see Shingo and Satsuki, who always welcome me warmly.

I have mentioned several times that Shingo is my guide in selecting pottery pieces. What Shingo taught me is that "to make the best way to show the main dish, it is necessary to have a supplementary dish to complement it.

The combination of each dish makes the dining table more attractive and comfortable.


Since this is a twosome exhibition, we thought it would be great if everyone could use a combination of Shingo and Satsuki's work, so we decided to put their work together for the visuals as well!

The right one is made by Satsuki, named "Square vase with underglaze blue floral design," the left one is made by Shingo, named "Katakuchi with a black pattern on the speckles."

Drinking sake while looking at seasonal flowers makes it taste even better.


We hope you enjoy the combination of their works, where one plus one becomes not two, but three or four!


The one and only


Among the pieces received for the key visual shoot, the one that had the strongest presence was this " Vase with Underglaze Blue " by Shingo.

The combination of bold painting like landscape painting and modern shape is splendid.

Both Shingo and Satsuki produced many one-of-a-kind pieces this time.

I'm looking forward to seeing them, as there are so many I haven't seen yet!


One for both of us


We'll also have a few of Shingo and Satsuki's collaborative works in stock this time!
(*The work in the photo is not a collaboration. Sorry for the confusion.)

The collaboration we had in stock on a regular basis in the past was so nice that I asked, "Do you have another collaboration this time around?"
Then I found out that they had created some collaborated tableware for this exhibition. This is one of the things I want too!


This exhibition will show many of the works created by Mr. and Mrs. Oka,
named "twosome."

Please look forward to it!