Ceramics Kobo Konchuki Miyuki × Rainy "Ryukyu's Utsuwa"


Season: August20Day (Fri)- 8Month29Sun (Sun)
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Location: platinum board raining clear


In rainy weather4We will hold the exhibition of Mr. Sakuki Kuji who will be the year.

From the 16th century19While conscious of the air of Ryukyu's air of the century, "Okinawa's Utsuwa" that will be created.

It would be nice if you could feel the breath of Ryukyu from the work of Mr. Sanuki.



作 On the Writer Corridor
Receiving this situation, I will keep up with the eloquito of Mr. Sakuna.


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壹 二


This is the main visual used from the weather opening.

The design of the eye-like design is impressive Mintama and the blue expression beautiful Persian.
Sachin Kuji is working.

About half a year ago that rainy is opened.
Mr. Sanwa said Okinawa's ancient times to handle "Yoshida Yaki" to the handling of "Yoshida Yaki" to see the workshop of Yomitan.

Mr. Sanuki "Yoshida is cool but it is sober, so there are few people who are interested in.
Just now, I'm working on a new work based on Yoshida. I'm thinking about making a work of an impression that Impression with a modern impression with Persian glaze, or wearing a black glaze. "

While watching the work that was the prototype stage, I was synchronized with a single sentence of the rainy concept.


"We take over the details as it is. It is possible to get into the form of familiar with the current life."


Rainy Konko "Please use it by all means in the main visual of rainy weather!"
This visual that I borrowed and borrowed to Sanki.
I feel that I have a strength that I do not fade even after five years.


Okinawa's brush eyes


Antique shaped brush eyes.


The exhibition at the rainy weather is4Mr. Sanki who will shake the year.

During four years, I drave the stance that I would like to create something I wanted to make as a writer from the previous studio style.

In that sense, this exhibition will expect a big change.


Looking at this brush eye bowl, I should not be alone.


Brushed picture


A modern representation that is like Mr. Sanki.
You can see the food!


20218Month1Since the pottery workshop 壹 was founded25It seems that I was welcomed by the anniversary.

Mr. Sanki, Congratulations on the chapter! !


What I came to go out at Sanki10Before a year ago.
At that time, "Miyagi pottery" Miyagi Miyagi also came to Mr. Sanki as a disciple.
Mr. Sanchi-san and Miyagi-san, who still welcomed me of the void. Moth

It is really nice to be able to work together with everyone in Okinawa who met in the middle of the grilled food youth time, and it is a good thing.


Okinawa flower vessel and object


"YachimunHowever, I think that there are many people who are imagined by colorful painting, but the Wataname Kozo (Tanbin) and Unini(Demon arm)It is said that rather a bottle bottle of a bit of impression was made elsewhere.


I love to see flora and objects based on Okinawa's old ties in Okinan's gallery.


Every time I met, I told you how many times of Okinawa was created.

It is a blue sea or blue sky that is reminded of Okinawa.

There is no doubt that it is a longing land when we live in Tokyo
I talked about Mr. Sanuki's story, and it became strongly conscious of Okinawa's people who have changed flexibly while thinking over and over again, and continued to protect Okinawa culture.


Okinawa red picture


The Ryukyu Kingdom, which was traditionally trading from China.

The red picture of Okinawa drawn using the technology transmitted from China
It was a high-ranked class for use only for the upstream class at that time.


In this exhibition, the work of red painted with strong brush eyes is lined up.


Okinawa ash


"Yoshiya Yakushi" that touched at the beginning of this column has a rustic and power strength called Mt.

"It seems that the breath of pottery of the time seems to be felt from Yoshida," is the word of Mr. Sakun.

Boiled firewood and fired with a glaze made with wood ash.

The true beauty of Okinawa baked food that can be felt because it is born from a simple process.

I am aware of the drag of the ash that Mr. Sanki created while conscious of it
I feel a strong will to create a longing of Okinawa's pottery and something that is not wrong.


Miki's thoughts to Okinawa,
It is also a thought to the Ryukyu Kingdom that Okinawa was one country.



It would be nice if you could feel the breath of Okinawa through the work.



Photo / yuichiro ohmura