Tsuyoshi Tsujino fresco x raincoat ' Colorful Tree '


This time, when we feel the fall in the autumn,
"Glass writer" Tsuyoshi TsujinofrescoThis exhibition will be held in Japan.


Colorful Treeto the concept:
It is a work of a tree-like fruit with a fruit-like fruit and a dye-colored leaf.



And that's the kind of situation that we're taking in nature to take time to take the heart of nature
I would appreciate it if you'd like to live at home.




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"Glass writer" Tsuyoshi TsujinofrescoThe exhibition is held in the rainy season.3The first time.

In this exhibition, there are many different colors and facial expressions that are conscious of the colors of autumn.

And then, Mr. TsujinofrescoI was looking at the glass that was born from your hand,
It seems that the scenery of nature will spread in front of me.


This way.fresco` ` `spora」。

"spora" in Italian, "spora," is a light gradient and a random number of lines and dots, which are modern impressions.

Line, dot is not colorless, it is as thin as a single sheet of veil, and is in a soft harmony with the whole.


of these delicate colors,frescoCharacteristics of the work.

Takeshi Tsujino


" what we found from the bottom of the sea,It is the work of the Tsujino san, who is conscious of the work.

For many years, a glass jar, which had sunk in the sea, is characterized by a silver-like expression.


Tsujino is taking care of a project that styling engineering in a space of hotels and offices by jumping out of the rainy season's borders.


In this exhibition, works of 'Ayuru,' 'decorate' and 'love' pieces are made with a piece of amused.knot.

Tsuyoshi Tsujino


" as unearthed from the soilThis is a work of primitive impressions made with a texture in mind.


Santo TsujinofrescoIt's been five years since I began to treat my work in rainy weather.

It is a kind of earthenware.

It is a glamy and opaque thing.

It has a concave convex and it can be felt that the hand of a person is in addition to the touch.


It has always been healed by the fact that these works have reached their hands and admith their faces.

Tsuyoshi Tsujino


Small bubbles and antique nuances such as nuance, silvergray are the most impressive works of Mr. Tsujino.


Tsujino's leadfrescoThis year,20The anniversary of the ceremony was celebrated.

Mr. Tsujino,frescoCongratulations, Mr. Nan!

And I always thank you!!


Held in the Memorial Year, "Colorful Tree」。

The work of Tsujino's work, usually not in the over-the-counter days of the rainy season.frescoThe work of the work is to be met by the hall;
a thick and gentle color of colorColorful Tree` ` It is shown in the space of rainy weather.


We are delightful of seeing you at the bottom of the rich tree.




Photo by Yuiseu Ohnin