From the time of establishment in the late Edo period, the spirit of "polishing the product and polishing confidence"
It is denshiro kakudate, who faces the expressive cherry skin and continues to convey birch work.


Birch works are traditional woodwork crafts made only by kakunodate.
The tea cylinder is made from the technique of "Kata" which is used for winding the bark of the Sutra tree and the mountain cherry tree in the shape of a cylinder.
Because one cylinder is cut, it becomes part of the body and the lid.
It keeps high airtightness and prevents tea leaves from moisture.


The gloss peculiar to cherry tree skin increases the gloss by touching the hand every day, and it is the goods of the master who can use it for long.
The traditional attitude of protecting the production area and succeeding to the next generation
It is embodied in manufacturing.


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Denshiro kakudate