Wooden workers and Ken Fujimoto have arrived after a long time.


July 23 (Fri) 18: 00-Publish!
As we are currently preparing, please wait for a while.


A healthy who produces a depression using woodworking 轆轤, mainly Okinawa trees such as Akagi.
This time, you can also find works with a tree called Amami Arakashi.
As a rainy weather, this trees are the first arrival, so I would like to see it.


It is distorted or missing, cracked ...
A unique form that is born and born in the tree characteristics.

Talk with the trees and make "Borrowing the power of nature."
You can create only one of this world that you can create from Mr. Fujimoto who knew about treesPlease take a look.


Fujimoto's work is here. Moth