Nobuhiko Tanaka × Rainy "A and B of Nobuhiko Tanaka"

【place/Sales start date]

ONLINE SHOPHargoyo rain 

20207Month31Day (Fri)20End as soon as stock is lost

Shirokane board rainy weather

20208Month7Sun (Fri) -Termest time as it disappears


Mr. Nobuhiko Tanaka's representative "colored"
We will start selling new work "rough soil series" at the same time.

If the colorful "colored" is a face of Tanaka-san
A tasting and tasteful "roughland series" is Tanaka-san B.


Since it is not an exhibition, it does not have a sales end period
A little different title called "Nobuhiko Tanaka's A and B"
I would like to be able to give the attraction of Tanaka's work.

Please enjoy your face and B face of Tanaka!



※ ONLINE SHOP and store handling items and inventory are common.

Please note that the one without inventory in Online Shop will be out of the store.

※ To avoid the crowd of the storeONLINE SHOPWe recommend using it.


The venue is here

※ We will release from 20:00 on July 31 (Fri) 

Nobuhiko Tanaka × Rainy "A and B of Nobuhiko Tanaka"


photo by bungo kimura