Online Exhibition
Takeshi Tsujino&fresco×AMAHARE
「deep forest」

辻野剛&fresco×雨晴 「deep forest」

The exhibition Takeshi Tsujino & fresco x AMAHARE "deep forest" was held at our store in Shirokanedai Tokyo.
Thank you very much for visiting our store during the exhibition period.

Now, AMAHARE Online Shop will be holding an online exhibition of Takeshi Tsujino & fresco x AMAHARE "deep forest" from 6pm (JST) on Friday, September 29th.
If you are unable to visit us or live far away, please take this opportunity to visit our online shop.

The theme of this exhibition is “deep forest".

As you walk deeper into the forest, what opens before you is a deep green gradation and a quiet light shining through the haze.

We have tablewares, vases, lighting, and more that will remind you of the beautiful natural phenomena you encounter in the forest available.
These days, the autumn winds are starting to blow little by little, and the season is changing into a peaceful one.
Why not add color to your daily life with beautiful glass works that look a soft landscape.

We look forward to visiting our exhibition.


September 29, 2023 (Friday) 18:00JST - October 1, 2023 (Monday)

Event website in AMAHARE Online Shop
※Available for viewing after 18:00JST on Friday, September 29th.


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≫Click here for Takeshi Tsujino&fresco's permanent works

Photo / Yuichiro Ohmura @geargraphy
Art Direction / Kazuhiro Sawamoto


辻野剛&fresco×雨晴 「deep forest」olive luster

辻野剛&fresco×雨晴 「deep forest」rime

辻野剛&fresco×雨晴 「deep forest」aeca

辻野剛&fresco×雨晴 「deep forest」lamp