Sakai michikazu × Sakai Tomoko × Rain and rain


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November 13, 2020 (gold)21Hour 11Mon21Until

Shirakane Dai

November 19, 2020 11June

It is a comfortable place where the atelier of Kagawa and Satoko and the wife in Kagawa are able to feel four seasons.

It is a primitive born from there
We will hold an exhibition lined up in one hall.

Bringing in the utensils born from the soil is to bring the distance between you and nature.

Please enjoy such luxury time and space with the work of two people.


* based on this situation, the passage of Mr. doichi Sakai and Tomoko is left behind.
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Styling Hiroko Takenaka @htakenaka
Photo Yuka yanazume @yukayy


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* I will be open to you from 21:00 on November 13. 

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Sakai michikazu × Sakai Tomoko × Rain spring
"While there is soil,"