"Lee Housing"

In 1930, I opened in the housing marks of Arita Yaki pottery and Li.

Create while thinking about the future, and move the mind of use,
I'm pursuing a beautiful cutcher that is not dependent on the tide of the times.

It is created by the outstanding technology and creative sensitivity of the fourth generation, the terauchi, Nobuichi, such as silver, rust, white magnetics, etc.
Functional and modern design.

In recent years, we will handle the stones of Senzan pottery that are considered to be the origin of Arita-yaki
That's why we have created a feeling of making the appearance of that time.

In Arita, which sent the porcelain from Japan to the world, we look at the origin.

Temple of Teruchi, who continues the potter, interwoven the original charm and avant-garde thinking,
It has a sincere feeling.