●23-AA-7 OTHELLO・1 Black


This work is an arrangement of the one he started using at the Auberge somamichi, which he opened, and this exhibition is the first time it will be sold to the public.

This is made using wipied-lacquer finish that make you to feel the texture of wood. Thinness of wood base and the grain of wood visible under the lacquer are very beautiful.

As the name "OTHELLO" suggests, it can be used on both sides. The front side can be used as a bowl, and the back side can be used as a plate. It will be useful depending on the scene.

Perfect for parties with sushi and sashimi. It would be adorable to put some Mamezara served a la carte inside this.

Urushi lacquerware is light and durable, and its texture improves with each use. Please enjoy your daily life with Urushi lacquer.


Artist:Akito Akagi
Area: Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture
Material:Urushi lacquer
Size:approx. φ330 × H42 mm



*This is handmade one by one. The color, shape and size of the works that you received at hand may slight variations from the photographs. Please appreciate and enjoy it as character of individual pieces.

*We recommend washing with warm water after use. If the item is put on oily food , wash it using a small amount of neutral detergent and a soft sponge. After washing, let it dry naturally in a colander.
When storing, please store in a shaded area with good ventilation.

*This is a delicate work made of thin wood, so please be careful when handling it.

*If the soup is close to 100 degrees just after boiling, it may discolor the black lacquer to white, so please let it cool to a temperature that you can eat before serving.

*We also accept inquiries regarding repairs such as repainting the lacquer, so please feel free to contact.

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