Sensation of a cool Japanese breeze with your five senses




I thought the rainy season was short this year, but July was full of rainy days.
And finally August. It's summer time‼

I'm so happy for the summer weather...
but I'm not good at heat, so I have mixed feelings.



Speaking of summer, what comes into your mind?

I remember summer vacations when I was a child.
In our house, when the hot days continue, we start decorating the windowsill with a wind bell.

The sound of the ting-a-ling, a wind bell fluttering in the wind.

I feel that summer has come from this scenery.

To be honest, I didn't think anything of it at the time, but now that I'm growing up, I think it was an event that felt characteristic of summer in Japan.



Starting with wind bell, there are many things which are Japanese summer features.
See it with your eyes, hear it, smell it, touch it with your skin, and taste it with your tongue.


This time, we will introduce a Japanese summer where you can feel sensation of a cool Japanese breeze with your five senses so that you can spend a pleasant summer as comfortable as possible.
I hope you will read it.


Taste "cool"


To enjoy beer more deliciously, the glass is also important.
AMAHARE recommends the classic, the “Usuhari Tumbler” from Shotoku Glass.

"Usuhari" made by skilled craftsmen maximizes the original taste of beer with a smooth texture that makes you not feel the presence of a glass.

If you drink beer in this hot season, you want to see "cool" from your eyes.
The transparent, ultra-thin glass reflects the golden color and fine bubbles of the beer as it is, making it look even cooler with an outstanding refreshing feeling.


Feel "cool"


The uchiwa is a standard summer item in Japan where you can easily feel the cool breeze.


This uchiwa is an AMAHARE original made by shibu uchiwa, Kurikawa Shoten.
It is a pattern of a small and lovely hydrangea "Amacha".


When light shines on the surface, the Japanese paper becomes transparent and show rain falls through the hydrangeas.
Experience how it looks like while feeling the summer sunshine and the uchiwa breeze.


See and Listen "cool"


A wind bell that sways in the slightest breeze and emits a gentle tone.
Feeling the breeze with your eyes and listening to the soothing sound with your ears is a summer Japanese tradition that makes you feel cool.


AMAHARE introduces brass wind bells that are characterized by clear tones this time.
It is produced by NOUSAKU, which has a workshop in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture and pursues innovative casting production.


Simple form, smooth texture.
Even with the same material, the timbre varies depending on the shape.
We have gold, silver, pink gold colors, and two shapes, onion and slim, so please choose the one you like.


Aroma "cool"


An incense stand, a tool to feel the scent at home.


Feeling of being in a cool bamboo forest.
Feeling like standing by the sea.
Feeling like being under the tropical sun.


How about trying your favorite scent while imagining a summer scene?



When you feel it with your five senses, your heart moves.

The culture that the Japanese have cherished since ancient times contains a lot of the wisdom of our predecessors to survive the hot summer.

Please enjoy the old-fashioned Japanese summer atmosphere.


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