2020 "Forbidden Blue"

A solo exhibition by Miyo Ohyabu, who released "Forbidden Blue" for the first time.
In the midst of the chaos of the world due to COVID-19, we were healed by the quietly shining work of "Blue”.


The exhibition was held in the midst of a situation in which everyday life was gradually regained while repeating ups and downs.
The smiles of everyone who was shining with the beautiful “LAYER OF BLUE” were impressive.


This exhibition serves as an epilogue to the "Blue" exhibition.

Please look forward to the "Blue" work created by Miyo Oyabu based on the concept of "Memory of blue" in everyone, her, and our hearts.



Date:Friday, July 15, 2022 - Sunday, July 24, 2022

*We will open on Monday,July 18 (holiday)
*Closed days during the exhibition:Tuesday, July 19・Wednesday July 20



◇AMAHARE @amahare
5-5-2 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo


◇Meet the artist
Saturday, July 16


Reservations all day on Friday, July 15th.
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◇Pre-order period
Friday, July 8th 13:00 - Sunday, July 10th 18:00
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◇How to Pre-order
Please let info@amahare.jp know up to your third choice.
30-minute replacement system.
It will be a lottery, not a first-come-first-served basis.

Friday, July 15
① 13:00-13:30
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④ 16:00-16:30
⑤ 17:00-17:30


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If it is convenient for you, please visit our store after Saturday, July 16.


Come to the store by yourself.
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◇Online Sales
This time, we would like you to actually see the “Blue” created by Miyo Oyabu and choose it.

For this reason, please note that we will not sell online and will only sell in stores.

Please enjoy the beautiful blue at AMAHARE, which cannot be fully conveyed by photos.



Photo / Yuichiro Ohmura @geargraphy
Art Direction / Kazuhiro Sawamoto




This is the 6th exhibition of "Oyabu Miyo" at AMAHARE.

Despite her increasing popularity, the 2020 exhibition was not a satisfactory one for either she or AMAHARE.


I was looking forward to holding my first solo exhibition with the "Blue" concept, but due to the pandemic, it was only sold online shop, and she was not able to come to Tokyo.
Even so, many people visited our online shop, and I was filled with gratitude that we were able to hold an online solo exhibition.


In 2021, we managed to hold an exhibition at the store, and the pandemic still continuing, many people were able to visit us.

However, she could not come to AMAHARE again.
Personally, it was an exhibition that left me with a disappointing feeling.


And this year, 2022.
Based on the concept of "Memory of Blue", which she has shown to everyone in the past two exhibitions, she put all her effort into creating works this year as well.

Third time's a charm, her signature work "Memory" will also be available.

Please enjoy "Memories of Blue" in the space of AMAHARE.



Blue Spica


On the porch of the gallery "Hizuki-" (currently HIZUKI) in Yomitan Village, her objet is basking in the Okinawan sun and shining brightly.

When I saw this blue spica ball bathed in light, it reminded me of a scene I saw in my early twenties.

When I listen to her talk about her work, I always think about the relationship between glass, light and shadow.

Spica's shadows are particularly beautiful, and bring back nostalgic memories with the scent of Okinawa's summer.



Blue Glass


If you are a frequent visitor to AMAHARE, you should know that she loves wine.
So much so that I have hosted many wine events with her at AMAHARE.

I imagine that this glass with an elegant pink mouth would go well with white natural or sparkling.

Since she will be in the corridor this year, I'm really looking forward to making a toast from now on.



Blue Breeze


Her wind bell plays a cool blue tone.
It is a work that makes us think that the sensibility of our predecessors who sought coolness in the sound produced by wind and glass is truly beautiful.


Kurotani Japanese paper from her hometown of Kyoto is used for a piece of paper attached to the wind bell, and the clasp is made of crystal, a stone in which spirits dwell, which was called "suisei" until the Edo period.

The crystal, which is still used as an amulet and amulet, contains her wish that disasters will disappear and happiness will come to everyone.

It is a wind bell of "Blue" that expresses her own identity by incorporating the culture of Kyoto and Japan while producing it in the land of Okinawa.



Blue Vase


A flower base that looks like a morning glory when decorated with a large and small.

The atmosphere created by the mixture of the malled pattern and the shadow of the glass itself is wonderful.

Perfect for arranging seasonal flowers for home decor.



Blue Mark


A beautiful work in which a fleeting blue line emerges like a trail of a shooting star when light passes through it.


Starry night
Shooting star


Among her works, I especially like the ones based on the concept of "stars".

Please look forward to her "Blue" works that shine beautifully and quietly like the stars floating in the summer night sky.

We are looking forward to your visit.