Shadow and light

Dark and light

Rain and sunny

Black and white


Akito Akagi


His work first came to mind when launching the brand "KURO".


This is because I wanted to introduce his work, which has been expressing "jet black" many years, which is also Japanese black, as a symbolic work of KURO.


As soon as I headed to Wajima, Mr. Akagi and his wife, Tomoko, welcomed me.
When I consulted about the handling at KURO timidly, I was relieved that they were happy to accept it.


When I explained the concept of KURO, he said, "I can express a lot of black."


Iron oxide, pine smoke, diatomaceous earth, silver sulfide.
His lacquer work that expresses "Japanese black" using various materials.


Please enjoy his collection with the depth of black.


Taku Eiki


He is making without being aware of the border between crafts and objects.
He creates beautiful works that combine easy-to-use with clean-cut design.


I was fascinated by this color where the shadow of light can be felt, and asked him to handle it at KURO.


Bluish… or blackish….


Enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime colors he mixes and creates each time.


Yuichi Takemata


His cutlery and tableware matches Blackish atmosphere.


The color like antique silver tableware and the scratch marks made at the time of finishing feel as if they had been there for many years.


His metalwork that naturally blends with antiques and works by Japanese craft artists.
We hope you enjoy his work as well as the combination with other works.


Teppei Terada


Seto, where Mr. Terada is making pottery, is famous for making tea bowls using a technique called Setoguro.


Mr. Terada,who grew up in such a background, has been thinking long and hard about color "black". We asked him if he could make AMAHARE KURO original tableware, "KUROgane" was born over time through trial and error.


"KUROgane" series gives an elegant impression with its primitive form and the gold texture of wabi-sabi on the edges.


It is a lineup with the size and shape that is easy to use everyday.


One of his masterpieces is the carbonized vase that we have been handling since the opening of the AMAHARE store.


Put the molded dough together with charcoal in a box and bake it to make it black.


Sometimes it's pitch black, and sometimes the non-carbonized part is white or gray.


Please enjoy his KURO collection.

Takeshi Tsujino


This series with the name "scavo" means something dug out of the soil. This color is a special prepared for KURO AMAHARE.


Death is often imagined from the color of black, but we have a lineup of vases and tablewares where you can feel the breath of life from the pattern like leaf veins.


Perfect as a flower vase and home décor.


His masterpiece, Venetian Classics.


It is a special work with black on the mouth and stem of beautiful glass with different shapes one by one.


Stem glass is difficult to make, but he also responded to our more difficult stem coloring requests.


He is such a dependable person.


Please enjoy his KURO collection.


Naoto Yano


Another person that came to my mind when I was thinking about the concept of "KURO" was Mr. Yano.


While learning from ancient pottery, he makes modern Karatsu works. I was fascinated by the black Karatsu, which sometimes feels purple or pink, and asked him to handle it at KURO.


We offer black works such as modern plates with beautiful black gradation.


Please enjoy his wonderful collection.



Fresco's work that has become a standard at AMAHARE store.


Among them, this work called "hibiki" has a beautiful concept and is one of my favorite works.


"Hibiki" expresses how a sound resonates in a space.


The name comes from the fact that the process of glass blowing while rotating resembles a sound that spreads outward from the center of the sound.


By changing the basic color to "KURO", the "sound" part is emphasized and the work is finished more wonderfully.



As you walk through the woods, you may be afraid of the dark gray fog.


It may be scary, but for some reason I am fascinated by the gray fog. It feels similar to this KURO kasumi series.


It is a special color prepared for KURO AMAHARE.


Of course, other basic colors are recommended for both hibiki and kasumi, but "KURO" is also a beautiful color that makes the foods delicious.


We hope you will take a look these collection with your own eyes.

Shimoo Design


Shimoo Design's signature item "Fuyou".


AMAHARE has mainly offered works based on the color of gray that looks like the wood has naturally weathered, but "KURO" will offers works based on black.


He continued to make works in black through trial and error, and finally the wood grain and exquisite unevenness were noticeable, and a more beautiful and deep black was born.


The tableware is mainly "DAEN", which is AMAHARE original , and other standard items are also available.



Kazuhiko Shimoo and his wife Saori, who had been training as furniture craftsmen before independence.


"Fuyou”, created by combining outstanding technology and sensibility, is produced not only in tablewares, but also in vases, art frames, and furniture.


This BRION VASE is also one of the more artistic works.


Perfect as a flower vase and home décor.


Enjoy Shimoo Design's black collection.

Shouya Grigg


When I saw his work at restaurant & gallery "SOMOZA" in Niseko, I was really fascinated that draws me in.


The artwork printed on Japanese paper by him, focusing on the snowy landscape of Niseko, makes you feel the tranquility and depth of an ink painting expressed only in black and white tones.


Standing in front of his work reminds us of important things that we Japanese have forgotten, such as wabi-sabi and how we relate to nature.


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