Shadow and light

Dark and bright

Rain and clear

Black and white


Akagi Akira


KuroWhen I wanted to create a brand, I first floated in my head, but Mr. Akagi was.


Mr. Akagi who has been facing for many years in "Jet Black" that can be said to be Japanese black
KUroI wanted to introduce as a symbolic work of.


Immediately, Mr. Akagi and Tomoko came to the Wajima.
If you consult your dealing with your handling handling, you will be comfortable.


If you explain KURO concept to Akagi
"I have a lot of black expressions".


Iron oxide, pine smoke, diatomaceous earth, silver sulfide.
Akagi's lacquer that expresses "Japanese black" using various materials.


Please enjoy the "black depth" expressed by Akagi.


Mr. Nagaki


Nagaki, said that I am producing the boundaries of crafts and objects.
He produces a beautiful work with the ease of use and the turning point.


Among them, Nagagi's gray is a color that expresses a yearning and fear of Japanese shadows.
I was fascinated by this color that I could feel the shadow by the way of light, and I asked Mr. Nagaki to handle.


There is a bluish or black.


Please enjoy the encounter with the color of the first meeting, which Nagagi, which is produced each time.


Mr. Yamato Takeshi


Cutlery and dishes of Takehitomoto with the appearance that feels black.


Scratch of scratches that can be done when colored and finishing like the used silver discriminator
I am releasing a presence as if it was there for many years.


Antiques and the work of Japan's workmarks are also familiar with Nature.
It would be nice if you could enjoy the combination of Takehitaka's work as well as the combination of other peanuts.


Terida Ironpei


Mr. Terada is a pottery of the Seto Region, which is called "Seto Black", and a high-quality bowl of tea ceremony.


Mr. Terada, who was born and raised in the environment that has come to black in the color of blackKuroI thought that I wanted to produce the original depression, but I was born over timeKurogane"is.


This guy with an elegant expression by winding a waxy gold in the primitive shape.


It is a lineup that takes into consideration sizes and sizes that are easy to use everyday.


The aircraft of the carbonization handling from the time of rain opening is also one of Mr. Terada's masterpiece.


It is blackened from the kiles by firing the molded dough with the charcoal and baking it.


If the expression is black or black, the part that did not carbonize is white or gray.


Mr. Terada producesKuroPlease enjoy the world of

Takeshi Samurai


It means what was diged out of the earthscavoThis series with the name "KuroIt is a special piece that we had a color of color according to the concept of ".


I often imagine death from the color of black
A lineup of florals and plain that can feel the breath of life from patterns like a vein.


Even if you get a flower, you can decorate it as it is.


Mr. Samurai's masterpiece,Venetian Classics


A beautiful glass mouth or stem part of the appearance with different expressions
It is a special piece that inspired black.


Mr. Samano who responds to the difficulty of putting a color at the one point with a high degree of difficulty.


It is a really relying.


Mr. Samurai expressesKuroPlease enjoy the world of


Naoto Yano


KuroWhen I was thinking about the concept of "I was in my head, one another is Yano.


While learning to the ancient times, it is also in the work of Mr. Yano who expresses Karatsu now
Sometimes I was fascinated by black Karatsu who felt purple and pink.


We will prepare a black work that Yano expressed by Mr. Yano, focusing on modern plates where black gradients spread in basic shapes.


Please enjoy the rich expression.



It became a standard at the rainy weatherfrescoAn article of


Among them,hibikiThis work is also one of the concepts and favorite works.


Hibiki is the name of the sound "sound".


The process of the glass production to be blown up while the material is rotated, this name has come from that something like sound may sound outward from the center of the work.


The basic color "Kuro"Sound" part is highlighted by
It is finished in a more impressive work.



Walking in the woods, sometimes covered with deep gray tastes that feel fear.


I'm scared, but I feel that I feel that it is familiar with the water vapor that is fascinatedkasumi


me tooKuroIt is a work that is prepared by formulating the color specially for.


HibikiKasumiOf course basic colors are recommended
Kuro"The beautiful colored taste that the food shines.


I would appreciate your favor by all means and enjoy the black gradation.

Shimoo Design


"Floating", which is a pronoun of Shimoo Design.


The works are mainly treated with the work based on the gray that the tree was weathered naturally, butKuroIn ", we will handle works based on black.


As a result of Mr. Shioji, while Mr. Shio, while trial and error,
The appearance of the wood grain and the exquisite unevenness disappeared, and a more beautiful and deep black is born.


Utsuan is asked to create a specially produced in the rainy weather.DaenWe line up the standards mainly.



Mr. Kazuhiko Shimoe, who was studying as a furniture craftsmen before independence, Saori.


Outstanding technologies and sensitivity, "floating" produced is produced not only for depression but also floras, art frames, and furniture.


thisBrion VASEOne of the more artistic works.


Even if you decorate as an object, even if you live a flower.


Please enjoy the black world view of Shimoo Design.

Shouya Grigg


Restaurant & Gallery in NisekoSOMOZA(Somoga),

I learned the illusion that was sucked into the world when I saw Shoya's work.


The work that printed the photos taken by Shoya on the snow scene of Niseko

It makes it possible to feel quiet and depth like ink painting expressed only with white and black tone.


When standing in front of Shoya's work, it is said that it is involved with lonesby and nature

We will remember important things that Japanese people are forgotten.


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