Oka Satsuki × Rain spring
"At night when the stars fall,"


I feel cool when seeing the Tanabata decoration shaking on the breeze
Mr. Satsuki's exhibition will be held in the rainy season.

With delicious sake and delicious sake
Please enjoy the night when the stars fall.



※ The shirakanadai rainy season is also available for trees, gold, earth and day.


July2The day is money reservation.
Your reservation is closed.)

July2The day (money) is the guide of only the person who was reserved all day.
Please send us your information by email.


7Moon3After the day
July3The reservation will be unnecessary after the day.
If you have any convenient dates, please drop in.

* the shirakane Dai Rai is a business of trees, gold, earth and day during the meeting.


In the corridor of Satsuki
In response to this situation, Mr. Satsuki's corridor will be suspended.

During the session, the shooting of the store and the work will be prohibited.
Also, please refrain from using cell phone in the store. 
Please limit quantity so that you can see as many people as possible.

About online sales
It is scheduled to be published in the online shop after the session end.
Details are decidedSnsMail magazine.


I'm sorry for your inconvenience
I hope you will enjoy the work with everyone
Thank you for your cooperation.


I love wine


Mr. Satsuki's exhibition at the rain2Second.
The last session was the season of Tanabata.


Mr. Satsuki is a big wine lover
Ask "Sakai Shokai" of the shop of Japanese style Kasuga in Shibuya
He held 'natural wine wine and Tanabata no Kai'.


Delicious food and natural wine
Satsuki fan's customers gathered a lot.


I remember that I was very glad to have a visitor who told me that I went to Sakai Shokai after the event.


In the corona accident, such an event cannot be held, and the writer cannot be a corridor
It's so hard to take positive communication.


When I contact Mr. Satsuki, I talk to "Sakai Shokai" next time in Tokyo.


Tenpyo kiln


I met Satsuki first15About a year ago.
When I went to Karatsu to buy a piece of Satsuki's husband, Shingo Oka.


The expectation that many favorite Shingo's works can be seen.
The tension and anxiety that it is a bit vivid to choose the work in front of oneself.


While various feelings were mixed, "tenpyo kiln" was located on a small hill in Karatsu.


Touching the door while touching the atmosphere and atmosphere.


When you were waiting in the gallery where your pupil met, and Shingo San and Satsuki.


Oka Satsuki


When meeting the meeting with Shingo
Snatched coffee and sweets.


Long time3I look for treasure from every corner of the gallery more than
It was always healed by delicious coffee and tea that Satsuki had.


At that time, Satsuki was suspended while pottery was being raised.
She welcomed the guest as a lady of the tenpyo kiln.


At night, Mr. mogo and Mr. Satsuki take you to Karatsu drinking Street
We are really grateful to the couple who are playing with the table tennis and drinking like a family.


Tsukasa San


When he held the exhibition in Tokyo, he tried to make his face as possible.


When you restarted the pottery, Satsuki's work was pretty cute, and it was thought that this would be a woman's dream of the woman.


One day, when I visited Shingo and Satsuki's two exhibitions
I met a piece of thought!

It is sashimi's inflexion.


I love Hongan San
I was shocked at the same time as I met Mr. Shingo's Annam and said to him, "it is this impudence!"

Shingo San said, "yes, I'm sure this is fit."

Mr. Satsuki said to herself, "well, I'm glad!"


Yasunari Satsuki


Delicate and elegant painting.
Lovely blue flowers.

I love sajiki Chan.


Sakae's red picture


Gorgeous red cherry blossom blooming.
It is also recommended as a bite glass.


Color painting and impress


A combination of impress and modest colours.
It is a quiet work that wants to be seen.


In the night when the stars fall


A cup of color painting.
I want to have a toast with this cup.



Under the circumstances, Satsuki's corridor did not
I made a lot of work of utsuwa and one point thing to cool summer night cool.


I hope you will be able to come to the White Gold Coast.
Together with Satsuki's work, we are waiting for you.



Photo Yuka yanazume @yuka_yanazume