Naka Satoshi × Rainy "Flower and Rain"



It is comfortable to rain and rainy rain
We will hold the first exhibition at the rainy weather of Nakasato Hanako.


The concept is "flower and rain"


A flower that blooms in the rain will wipe the water and shine more beautifully.

While being aware of "rain", with the works that Hanako produced
We look forward to seeing your comfortable space.



作 On the Writer Corridor
Based on this situation
Nakasato's celebration will be refrained.

◇ Online sales
We will post in the online shop after the end of the session.

場 Place
Rainy weather/ AMAHARE @amahare

Shrimp platinus table, Minato Ward, Tokyo5-5-2

◇会 Seasonal period
June11Day (Fri)-6Month20Sun (Sun)
※ Platinum drain is a tree, gold, soil, day sales during the session.

Nakasato Hanako


Karatsu and Main State Handheld studio,2Nakasato Hanako who encourages potatoes at bases.
Her Karatsu-grilled technology and her works that are born from her unique sensitivity are modern designs that have nationally smelled smell.

I met for the first time with Hanako,3Is it about the previous year?

I love Large Karatsu I often go to Karatsu, called work, but
There was one who wanted to see it once.

It is Nakasato Hanako who was to hold this exhibition this time.

There was a timing when she wanted to ask Atriet several times
She has been moving with Karatsu and America and she listens in the wind rumor,
She surely had a busy person and she imagined and I was stepping on two legs.


Blu Jeans


It's been a day when I was going to Karatsu after a long time,
Never mind, Hanako's Atelier "Monohanako" In order to make a phone call. Moth

She called several times, but it seems like it was just a regular holiday ,
It is difficult to see this time, and I will go to Karatsu while thinking.

It was a slightly comfortable trip, and I want to see Mr. Gallery in Karatsu city
She disturbed "Saken (Yeah)".

It is the blueprint of Hanako with Blu Jeans that remained in the eyes.
She is a blind blur with a nuance with a dienim look as the name street, and purchased immediately!

"After all I want to see you!"

The impulse can not be suppressed,monohanakoI went to.




That day seems to have been an open day for the gallery that is just attached to the atelier,
One after another, Customers were visible, and Hanako was busy and busy.

When I entered the gallery, I was able to meet with a smile, Hanako's partner's playliMr. Miss.

Despite her sudden visit, she responded warmly.

A modern depression and object with a nationality atmosphere.
Gallery Location. Music flowing in rhythmic.
A modern atelier that looks like a slight.
A billboard cats to take a walk on the garden.
And the bright atmosphere with Hanako's Oto.

All of them have been fascinated by comfortable air.

I was pleased to take a good idea to consult with handling in rainy weather on the spot.
Thank you very much.




From the encounter with Hanako3The year has passed and finally, I will hold a solo exhibition.

June is the name of "rain", and it is the time of the rainy season for rainy weather.

To Hanako,"rain"If you could introduce a conscious work, we asked, "
Machine, Hanako.
Please respond properly for the first time in Kaneko.

This work is a standard "Almond Bowl".
Hanako was looking at the raindrop and exhibited.




"Honeycomb dish" which makes it a flower open umbrella in the color of grayish cloudy sky

White, dark blue, celanarine.

It is a work that you want to styling in combination with the varabara.




Hanako's "flat plate"
It is very easy to use, and what kind of cooking is received.

As used by stacking and using.

When I was shooting this picture, the sky and trees of the platinum stand were reflected in the middle of




Dark blue and black contrast is a modern impressive flower vessel
I tried to live a branch that I was doing my own mountain. Moth

We also often find flying flowers in the works that were born in the wonderful natural environment called Karatsu.


Flower and rain


This exhibition concept "flower and rain"

"Flower" is flowered flower.
And I am a beautiful flower blooming in this season.

"Rain" is a rainy weather.
And I'm getting off the comfortable rain that I get down in this season. Moth

The first exhibition of her and her works of Hanako Hanako in a space of rainy weather.
Let's do a space that you can feel comfortable for rainy days
We look forward to your visit with Hanako's depression. Moth


Photo by yuka yanazume