Life with Fuyou

浮様 Shimoo Design 雨晴

Shimoo Design aims to incorporate Japanese culture and aesthetics into contemporary lifestyles based on the concept of "simple, reasonable and beautiful tool".

They produce many kinds of products, from tableware for everyday use to artwork and furniture that decorate your space.

All of thier wooden works, which have gained support from many restaurants both domestically and internationally, are made by hand.
They pursue modern "beauty of Japan" without any sense of fashion or age, based on the principle of traditional Japanese style.

In this column, our staff member Ms.Mitani will introduce the Shimoo Design works that are available at AMAHARE.

We will provide you with recommended styling tips for each works lineup.


浮様 Shimoo Design 雨晴

Shimoo Design's signature work is "Fuyou", which stands out for its beautiful wood grain.

Inspired by the traditional wood finishing techniques Uzukuri and Negoro, Shimoo Design developed an original method for finishing their line of tableware.

The works that the sense of beauty of the Japanese people is contained in not only decorate your space as tableware , but also have a presence that is not too much to say works of art.

浮様 shimoo design 雨晴

A food-safe finish makes the pieces durable and safe from staining when used with wet and oily foods.

浮様 shimoo Design 雨晴

Two colors are available: black and gray.

Black has a dignified modern impression, while gray has a impression of traditional Japanese beauty.

However, one of attraction of "Fuyou'' is that even though they are the same color, no two pieces are exactly the same in terms of wood grain and color shading.
The impressions I get vary from piece to piece.

Now, let me introduce you each piece of Fuyou works.

浮様 shimoo Design 雨晴


The Kanji character SAKI means happiness.

This tray a wish to enjoy the seasons and feel the happiness that comes from them. Not only as a tray, you can also serve foods directly like plate.

浮様 Shimoo Design 雨晴

SAKI has a calm appearance that enhance tablewares and dishes, and just one piece will make an elegant dining table.

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浮様 Shimoo Design 雨晴

Fuyou Round Tray

Fuyou Round Tray can be used not only as a tray, but also served foods directly like plate.

This is a classy work that is also used by people who enjoy tea ceremony as bonryaku temae.

Whether it's Japanese or Western, it can be served as a tea set, bread and salad, or rice balls with a little side dish to make a special breakfast plate.

浮様 Shimoo Design 雨晴

Also, if you make the wood grains look like mountains, rivers, and waterfalls, "fuyou" becomes like a canvas of Japanese ink brush painting.

Among them, this round tray has a beautiful wood grain, so some people display it on their walls as art.
An all-round tray that can be used as a secondary or primary.

>Click here for Fuyou Round Tray

浮様 Shimoo Design 雨晴

Fuyou Rim Plate

In recent years, this "Rim Plate" has been used in restaurants that serve creative cuisine.
Two sizes are available: 240mm and 280mm.

浮様 Shimoo Design 雨晴

240mm is perfect for appetizers and dessert plates.
280mm is for main dishes such as meat, fish dishes, and pasta.
Also, it is recommended as an hors d'oeuvre plate.

"Rim" makes a natural space between the food and table.
When serving food or setting it out on a table, the blank space created by “rim" is a natural and makes a relaxing and quality time.

In addition it's one of those tablewares that you'll want to keep using because of its light weight and ease of stacking.

It can be used not only for everyday use at home, but also for house party.

>Click here for Fuyou Rim Plate 240
>Click here for Fuyou Rim Plate 280

浮様 Shimoo Design 雨晴

Fuyou DAEN

Fuyou version of this plate "DAEN" is a special for AMAHARE.

Because it is used in restaurants and hotel rooms, we feel strongly for one of their works.

浮様 Shimoo Design 雨晴

"Kasugai" ( large staple ) on the cracks accent the simple appearance of "fuyou" and draw out the beauty of the mixture of antique texture and elegance.

浮様 Shimoo Design 雨晴

You can choose whichever you like, with or without Kasugai. Available in two sizes: S and M.

Please choose depending on your mood.

浮様 Shimoo Design 雨晴

Fuyou DAEN S

DAEN S is the perfect size for everyday use.
Perfect for serving with breakfast bread and salad or as an hors d'oeuvre plate.

You can also enjoy it as a plate for a tea set by placing a cup of your favorite tea and sweets on it.

>Click here for Fuyou DAEN S

浮様 Shimoo Design 雨晴

Fuyou DAEN M

DAEN M is the perfect size for a main dish.
Also, it is recommended for house parties.

I like the way the food is arranged so that the "Fuyou" pattern is visible.

"Fuyou" draws out attractive food and the beautiful colors of each ingredient, making a lively dining space.

>Click here for Fuyou DAEN M

浮様 Shimoo Design 雨晴


"KAZARIDAI" is a work that is carefully carved out of solid wood.

If you stack them in entrance or living room, it can be also replaced "tokonoma" (alcove in the Japanese room) that has become rare in modern life.

Style it with seasonal flowers and small decorations and use it to create a space where you can enjoy the changing seasons.

Not only can it be used as a decorative stand, but it is also great for served sweets, snacks, etc.
Why not pair it with your favorite natural wine for a special and high quality moment?

A wide variety of sizes are available: 300, 400, 500, and 600.
Choose your favorite size according to your situation.

浮様 Shimoo Design 雨晴


The smallest size, 300, is perfect for arranging nuts, cheese, mignardise, etc. one by one for appetizers.

Also, by arranging small vases, small seasonal decorations, you can create elegant space in your daily life.

>Click here for 「Fuyou KAZARIDAI 300 Gray」
>Click here for「Fuyuo KAZARIDAI 300 Black」

浮様 Shimoo Design 雨晴


The 400 size is the perfect size for house parties.
Arrange appetizers and a la carte dishes for high quality and beautiful styling.

>Click here for「Fuyou KAZARIDAI 400 Gray」
>Click here for「Fuyou KAZARIDAI 400 Black」

浮様 Shimoo Design 雨晴

浮様 Shimoo Design 雨晴

Fuyou KAZARIDAI 500・600

The 500 and 600 sizes are useful for situations where people gather, such as house parties.

It has a presence that can be placed at the center of the dining table if you serve food on it.

浮様 Shimoo Design 雨晴

It can also be used as an interior decoration with flower vases, bonsai, and other decorations to create a high-quality space that is perfect for welcoming guests.
Just stack them in different sizes for a cool and stylish look.

>Click here for「Fuyou KAZARIDAI 500」
>Click here for「Fuyou KAZARIDAI 600」

浮様 Shimoo Design 雨晴

Fuyou Large Tray

It is a luxurious work carved from a single plate of zelkova.

Its dignified presence and fuyou's beautiful wood grain pattern harmonize to give it a powerful beauty.

It is recommended not only for styling a single meal as a tray, but also as a large plate for a large group on celebratory events.

>Click here for「Fuyou Large Tray」

浮様 Shimoo Design 雨晴

Life with Fuyou

We hope you enjoyed the variety of Shimoo Design's "Fuyou".

Simple, reasonable and beautiful tools.
The reason why we are drawn to their functional beauty and beauty of form may be because Fuyou embodies aesthetic mentality and view of nature of the Japanese.

As time passes, our lives, lifestyles, and sensibilities constantly change.

However, the thoughts of "live a more fruitful every day" and "always treasure four seasons" remain unchanged in our hearts.

I feel that fuyou's works, which have both tradition and modernity, warmly accompany our ever-changing yet unchanging lives as tools, and guide us to a more sophisticated time and space.

Life with Fuyou.
A work that reflects Japanese aesthetic sense.
It will surely allow you to feel nature close to you and will add color to your high-quality space.

Why don't you try "Fuyou" into your daily life?

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