Oyabumi × Rainy weather
"Layer of BLUE"


Season: July 16 (Fri) -July 25 (Sun)
※ Platinum drain is a tree, gold, soil, day sales during the session.

"Ao" that has become a source for Japanese people.

This color with various and vague areas
The main exhibition expressed by Glass Writer Ooyabumi-san.

Deeper and more.

Please enjoy the "Ao Heavy Degree" weave and weave.

We look forward to visiting our visitors.

作 On the Writer Corridor
Receiving this situation, I will refrain from Yamumi-san's elegance.

◇ About the reservation (lottery)
July 16 (Fri) will be a reservation system all day.
If you wish to make a reservation, please support the following.

◇ 来 Now shop reservation reception period

July 12 (Mon) 13:00 to July 13 (Tuesday) until 20:00
※ Please note that all applications other than the above time zone will be invalid.

◇ 方法 How to make a reservation
Please let us know to the third choice for email info@amahare.jp.
It is a 30-minute replacement system. It will be a lottery instead of the first order.

July 16 (Fri)
① 13:00-13:30
② 14:00-14:30
③ 15:00-15:30
④ 16:00-16:30
⑤ 17:00-17:30

応 Application Mail description
1 Location time (Please fill in until the third choice)
2 Name (please in full name)
3 Telephone number
4 E-mail address

If you are convenient for any time zone, please describe it.
Please note that if there is a defect, please be invalidated.

◇ 応 Application destination
E-mail info@amahare.jp

※ It will be accepted only by mail.
Please note that you are not accepted by phone or SNS.

◇ Winning result
Only winners will be emailed to July 14 (Wed).

If you did not receive an email, you're very sorry, but you will be a customer who did not meet your request.

If you are convenient, please come to the store after July 17 (Saturday).

◇ Request
Thank you for your visit.
Please note that you will be guidance only for the winners.

Please make a reservation in the name of the person.
Please note that you may present your identification card that can be identified on the day.

There is also a need to set up quantity limits to see many people as much as possible.

◇ Online sales
We plan to post in online shop after the end of the session.
If the details are decided, we will inform you with SNS and Mel Maga.




Last year, Oyabumi-san's exhibition "Forbidden Ao" that closes the curtain in very popularity.

This year's exhibition "Ao" deeply dug downLayer of BLUEWe will hold it.

"Fragment of nostalgic memory in the transparent world

Miya's representative work "MEMORY"Also in this exhibition
"Aoi overlappingWe will display a work that expresses.



It is quiet like the moonlight, and it is a good.

It is an Aojo representation that is likely to create works while conscious of the relationship between glass and light.



Various "Ao" that Miyayo was born while forming a little bit.

Please enjoy the beautiful Aoi tone that you can feel only because it is real.

Aoi Kaori


The back theme of this exhibition is "Nahono Ao".

Oyabu'sblueI can not help feeling the scent of Kyoto culture that was born and raised.

The mind is gentle looking at the fragrant fragrant.
I feel cool and cool to hear the tone of the wind bell.

The sensibility inherited by the JapaneseblueExpressed through the color
I hope you enjoy your work of Miyu.

We look forward to visiting our visitors.



photo by yuichiro ohmura