Shimoo design × Rain and rain



A scene of ink paintingShimoo designFloating
Landscape space quietly grasped the moss in the hand of Kenji Kobayashi.


Incapable of speaking Japanese spirituality
We will hold an exhibition with the concept of apologizing.


Because it is such a situation, please enjoy the comfortable space felt in five senses.


We are looking forward to seeing you.


About the writer's residence
The passage of the artist of the writer is made to stop.


About online sales
I will post it to the online shop after the session end.

Floating large plate


Last year11Moon.
After a long time for the exhibitionShimoo designI visited Yao in Toyama Prefecture.


Here was a big dish for me.
Big with width600 mmIt's a big crop.


This utensils opened and moved to Rika mura, Toyama Prefecture
It was made for chef Taniguchi of "cuisine legionale L '.


Shimoo is a powerful piece of work that is made to be directed to the inspiration received from a large lump of wood.


It is very fun to ask what kind of dish is Taniguchi
It was very impressive that Mr. shimoo talked happily.


Mr. shimoo told me that I would like to hold an exhibition with this Platter
It is scenery bonsai writer "Kenji Kobayashi" who came to the topic in the meeting.


It is Kobayashi San who made the chance of meeting Mr. shimoo and Kaneko to hide what.


"If you look at this big plate in your garden, and you can see the quiet space in which Mr. Kobayashi has seen the beautiful moss scenery in the rain, you will be glad to see you."


After that, I left Toyama for the day.


Moss and stone views


After returning to Tokyo, I told you that you would like to cooperate with Mr. shimoo's exhibitions to Mr. Kobayashi of the goods.


I'm really thankful that I'll be working positively.


I told you that I would like to be an exhibition of Stoic concept called "ABI and Sabi."
I made this bonsai.


It can be said that Kobayashi San's true head is a scene of four seasons that spreads in the moss covered with moss, stones and plants.


The atmosphere of calm down and calm and calm with Mr. shimoo's floating expression and Mr. Kobayashi's apologized air.




Floating and handlingBrion

The size of the swing will debut in this exhibition.


It is beautiful flower vase, even if it can be decorated even if the flower is made.

It is also possible to grow with water.


Kazaraiai and landscape bonsai


I wanted to see this combination.


Shiroo designKazaridaiAndHou-saKobayashi's scenery bonsai is excellent.
As for ho-sa, there is a birth story of the birth of Kobayashi's bonsai.


Please enjoy the beautiful room courtesy of shimodo design and goods.


New Rai / buds


There was a work of Rai / bud before, but again reappeared.


The gradient of the mouse that floats, distorts, lingers, and appears in organic form.
I hope you can take the difference in one point and see it.


It is a recommended work as an ujiwa and an objet.


Floating and maple


A plumpShimoo design.
This timeBrionThe table also seems to be able to decorate the shop.




Because it is such an age, I want you to be healed in the space where this Japanese spirit is condensed.


In such a thoughtShimoo design Mr. Kazuhiko shimoo, Mr. Sakae, and I made it with Kenji Kobayashi.


I hope you will feel comfortable with the rain.



Photo by yumazu yanazume