Ryo × Cooker Takenaka Akiko × Rainy weather
"Every one of them"


Akita Sugi "Bentaw", which is made in Okabushi City, which is characterized by beautiful wood grain.

By breathing the tree, it is one of the traditional traditional crafts in Akita Prefecture, which has been used as a lunch box because it adjusts the humidity of rice moderately.


In rainy weather, we started handling the "Ryabe"'s lunch box produced from the selection of materials to the finishing.


"Cooker" Bamboo Baku-san also likes a large bent of "cooked house" that the rainy weather is indebted from a day.
this time,3She made a delicious lunch box with one type of bending.


Even those who are working at home are also worked. When I go to the park with my holiday mood change.

It would be nice if you could spend a delicious and relieved time with a lunch box of bending.

Daily lunch box × Koban valve Box small (capacity 480)


This is because of the bending.
It is a trivial lunch box. Small sizes become popular with women.

Because the lunch box is every day, it is a perspective in the case of a major housewife that makes everything from scratch
It is a lunch box of one item made yesterday's rest + morning.

Mr. Takenaka is wonderful to think of the people who make it.

It is a magical lunch box with tension when the lid is opened, as well as the tastes.


Brown lunch box × Koban Bentai Box (medium) (Capacity 560)


Mr. Takenaka https://www.instagram.com/htakenakaSpeaking of♯A familiar brown lunch in the hashtag of "I like brown ground valve".

Men's heartless brown gradient lunch box is definitely grasping the stomach bag.


Valve Lunch Box × Iro Dori Box (Capacity 800)


Two-stage repeated lunch boxes divide rice with rice with rice
Two lunch boxes are packed into each, and they are attractive and their versatility is attractive.


Spring Surprise today.

I made an image of a palm of a lot of fun looking at a fresh green, such as a holiday, a park, etc. and made it to Takenaka-san.

The days that are hard to go out are continuing, but while taking a soft sunshine in the nearby park
It is very happy to spend time while eating delicious lunch box.


I feel really delicious when I put the humidity control function and the lunch box with Akita
Bending wheels of "Ryabe".


It would be nice if I could try it by all means.



styling_hiroko takenaka @htakenaka

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