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"Magewappa" of Akita cedar made in Odate City, Akita Prefecture, which is characterized by its beautiful grain.

It is one of the traditional crafts of Akita prefecture that has been used as a lunch box because the humidity of rice is adjusted appropriately by breathing wood.


In AMAHARE, we introduce lunch box made by Ryobian who are professional for making lunch box with Akita cedar.


Chef Hiroko Takenaka loves "Magewappa." She is one of the chef who is always assists AMAHARE.
This time, we asked her to make beautiful lunch packing into three different kinds of "Magewappa."


We hope you have wonderful and relax time wherever you have lunch with these "Magewappa" lunch box.

Daily lunch × Oval lunch box Small (480㎖)


The typical shape of "Magewappa" is oval. The smaller one is popular for people who prefer small lunch.

Making lunch is routine work but it's also hard to continue. So she made lunch imagined the ingredients with left-over from the last night and another fresh meal.

It is very nice of her that she is thoughtful about the user.

"Magewappa" doesn't only make the meal tastes better but also makes you feel happy when you open the lunch box.


Brown-ish lunch × Oval lunch box Small(560㎖)


Ms. Takenaka https://www.instagram.com/htakenaka/ famous for the hushtag ♯茶色地味弁が好き means #lovesbrownishBento.

She made lunch box with various brown, and of course, tastes amazing.


Picnic lunch × Colorful Lunch Box(800㎖)


The popularity of the double-layer lunch box is due to its multipurpose use, such as separating rice and side dishes on the top and bottom, packing two people's lunches in each, or using only one layer.


Beautiful spring season has come.

Ms. Takenaka made this bento with the image of a picnic lunch to be enjoyed in a park on a holiday while viewing the fresh greenery.

Although the days are still difficult to go out, time spent in a nearby park eating a delicious lunch while enjoying the soft sunlight is a great happiness.


Akita cedar's humidity control function and really tastes good when you put your lunch in "Magewappa" made by Ryobian.


We hope you will try and enjoy this lunch box.



styling_Hiroko Takenaka @htakenaka

photo_Yuka Yanazume @yuka_yanazume


You can see the lunch box from here.