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House qualityFrescoThe item is slightly off the standard of the product, but it is an item that doesn't have any problem to use as your own favorite.


Rain and rain are in various scenes including Tsuyoshi tsutsunoFrescoWe are asking you to produce original and special items.


Among themHouse qualityRain/ amhartI want to give it to the limitation of all members of the magmaga membership.

* the person who registered with the magmaga member by August 9 is the subject.


Where is it different from usual? That's all I think.
Of course there are some reasons why frescoHouse qualityPlease note that there is a point that I judged.


I think this is more individuality than a defect.


You can enjoy the personality of
It is happy if it can be delivered to the person who understands it.



Sale period

August11Day18Time  ~8Moon16Day (month)


Sale price

All products are rated20% offIf


Return and exchange

We cannot accept return goods and exchange except for damage by delivery accident.



We are looking forward to the use of fresco's cool works.