(8 / 17) ki ware Kobo Koji × Rainy day

It is four years after the rain@toukikoubou1Exhibition will be held.


The Okinawan Okinawan that has been created from the 16th century to the 19th century while thinking about the air of Ryukyu.

I hope you will feel the breath of Ryukyu from IKI's work.



August 20 (gold) - August 29 (day)
* the shirakane Dai Rai is a business of trees, gold, earth and day during the meeting.



5-5-2 shirankindai, Minato ward, Tokyo
Mail: info@amahare.jp
Tel: 03-3280-0766


About the writer's residence
After this situation, Mr. koji IKI's corridor is set aside.


About the reservation
From August 20 to August 22, we will make reservations for three days.
Since August 26th, we will be able to enter the store without reservation, so please stop by all means when you are near you.
Please note that you may limit the number of visitors to the hospital for infection control.


Arrival time
August6Day18Hour8Moon9Day (month)20Until


We extend the reservation period from 18 to 18 (WED) on August 11 (WED).


8 / 17

We have finished to accept the reservation.

Thank you very much for your application.


About online sales
It is scheduled to be published in the online shop after the session end.
I will inform you by SNS and mail magazine when details are decided.


We are looking forward to seeing you.