Announcence for year-end and New Year holidays


Thank you very much for your patronym of rain.
We will take you to the holidays of the holiday season at the end of the year at Online Shop Rain Restagion Online Shop.


Hakugandai Urasei

Positional holiday: weekly and Wednesday
Non-year-end New Year holidays: December 30, 2020 (Water) - January 4, 2021 (month)

Other than the above, it is normal business.


Online Shop Usei Dining Hall

Positional holiday: weekly and Wednesday
Non-year-end holidays: December 29, 2020 (Fire) - January 4, 2021 (month)

The above-mentioned period will be the holiday date for the restaurant Online Shop rainy season.

We are also placing orders during the period.

* The order will be shipped before the end of the year.
* The order of the order after the fire on December 29 (fire) will be sent sequentially from January 5 (fire).
Please note that any inquiries regarding your order or shipment will be received from January 5 (fire).


We are looking forward to the recommended items for our hospital-free seat at the New Year's holiday season.

Kazumichi Amaharu



photo by Satoshi Asgy!