Online Exhibition Takeshi Tsujino × fresco × AMAHARE ' Colorful Tree '

It's been held since the other day.
Takeshi Tsujino × fresco × AMAHARE, "Colorful Tree" Online Exhibition will be held.

Period : September 24 (Fri): From 18:00 to September 26 (Sun)
* Online Shop and store accessories and inventory are common.
If you don't have an online Shop, you have to get out of your head and get out of your mind.

This time, when we feel the fall in the autumn,
We will hold an exhibition of "Glass Writers," Takeshi Tsujino and fresco.

The "Colorful Tree" is the concept.
like a fruit or a dye leaf in a tree
with a composure of a restful Irotridory.

And that's the kind of situation that we're taking in nature to take time to take the heart of nature
I would appreciate it if you'd like to live at home.

The session was also extended in the OTC market.
It is fortunate that you can see it in a convenient way.

From September 10 (gold) to September 26 (Sunday)
*Even during the session, the white rainy season only operates in trees, gold, soil, and days.