New Arrival / Kukan Chuzo 'Sayu' and ' Nanbu '

This is an introduction to an iron kettle that has been newly used in AMAHARE Online shop.

"Sayu" and "nanbu"

Sayu 'is named after' Sayu ' as seen from its sound.
On the surface, the hail patterns of the Nanbu Nanbu Tekki tradition are well-patterned.

It is a small size, so it is recommended to use a small number of people.

NanbuIt is a steel jar designed to be a modern design based on the representative design of the Nambu Iron kettle, which is called the ' Nanbu style. '

Of course, there are egg and moon-moon handling,
Please choose according to your preference.

The hot water that boils with a bottle of iron that is used is sweet and delicious.
Please enjoy your delicious tea time with a delicious hot water.