Online Exhibition
Yūko Ikeda/Amaharu ' Melting '

Yuko IKEDA received a favorable reception at the shop, and Yuko IKEDAMelting-Online Exhibitionwill be held in the following session.


Period: April 9 (kin) 18 to 4 (Sunday): 18 o'clock



It was the first solo exhibition of Yuko Ikeda's rainfall during the season when winter and spring were gentle and mixed.


Melting In the concept of "melting", a work depicts the expression of the ice that melted together with the spring visit and the expression of the ice to open the flower in a little by little.


Please be happy to see the scene of the spring spreading quietly in Ikeda's work.


We are looking forward to the use of all of our hearts.


Yūko Ikeda/Amaharu ' Melting '