Ryoho an '

It is made by Oita city in odate City, Akita Prefecture, characterized by beautiful grain.

It is one of the traditional crafts of Akita Prefecture which has been used as a lunch box because the humidity of the rice is moderately adjusted by the respiration of the tree.


In the rainy season, I started handling the lunch box of "ryouan an" which is made with the selection of the material to the finish.


Mr. Takenaka Takenaka, "Chef" who is taking care of it from around the day, likes a big bend.
This time3I made a delicious lunch box for Takenaka, using two kinds of bending stall.


People who work at home are also working. When I go to the park by Holiday change.

It is fortunate to have the time to be relieved and relieved by the bento box lunch.


Rinboan × Takenaka Hiroko × Rain spring
"At home and lunch,"