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Online shop Rain Haru  / 20206Month26Day (gold)21Toki 7Month6Month (s)21to the time
Miharu Shirakedai / 2020year7Month3Day (gold) 7Month5Day (Days)


Like ink-wash painting, I feel the ridge of the mountain and the stream of the river.Shim oo DesignThe Ukiyo.

Yuko IKEDA's Utsuwama-san, an object of the nature of nature, is the scene of the natural scenery of Yuko IKEDA.

having the common point of projecting the aspin to nature into his own work

Mr. Kazuhiko SHIMOO, Sa-san.Yuko Ikeda 's3The exhibition will be held.


Please enjoy the cool tea time of the morning, when you are in the evening meet.


The Exhibition is based on this shopIt will be held mainly in the rainy season cafeteria.

I would appreciate it if you'd like to enjoy your exhibitions at your house.


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