Masayuki MIYAGI said, "Everyone's toast!"

Location/Period of session

Online ShopRain Haru 

September 202011Day (gold)21Toki 9The 22nd day of the month (fire and festival)21to the time

Miharu Shirakedai

"September 18, 2020" - 9Month20Day (Days)


It's a big time, so let' s have a cheerful smile on your face.


Beer is wine, Japanese sake, and Awamori.

Of course, juice or water.


For each style, when you like each one.


A cheerful time at home!


*In light of this situation, the corridors of Masayuki Miyagi will be given up.

Online Shopand store handling products, and inventory is common.

Online ShopIf there is no inventory at all, please be sure to be out of stock.

* To avoid over-the-counter congestionOnline ShopIBM's use of this service is recommended.


This is the Online Exhibition venue.

* May 11 (Kim) - 21 o'clock will be open to the public. 


Online & Real Shop Exhibition
Masayuki MIYAGI said, "Everyone's toast!"