Restock ' Masayuki MIYAGI '

place/Sales start date

ONLINE SHOPHargoyo rain  / 20208Month7Day (Fri)20End as soon as stock is lost

Shirokane board rainy weather  / Currently, sales at the storefront are not scheduled.


Miyagi Masayuki's oval dish, octagon bowl and square tray will be restocked.

From this time, the ash (white) is "blue magneto"
Ashkaki (red) changes the name "ash".

It will also arrive in blackener after a long time with blue magnetics.

Everything is a wonderful baked.


Please look forward to it.


※ To interrupt the Bon holiday8Month17Please note that we will send it out after the day (Mon).

※ We reply for inquiries about order and shipping8Month17Please be aware that it will be after the day (Mon).

ONLINE SHOPAnd stores handling, stocks are common.

ONLINE SHOPPlease note that anything that is not inventory will be out of the store.

※ To avoid the crowd of the storeONLINE SHOPWe recommend using it.


photo by yuichiro ohmura


The venue is here

※ We will release from 20:00 August 7 (Fri) 

"Miyagi pottery"