Renewal: AMAHARE Online Shop

From SundaysOnline ShopPlease look back at the rainy season.
Thank you for your good faith.


I'm here to cheer on the name of the rainy season. It's a rainy online shop.
From June 18, 2021, it was called 'rainy season. '/AMAHAREOnline Shopand this will be renamed.


The Scarecrow of the rainy season started at the beginning of the opening, saying, ' The day of rain and day of the rainy weather will be the most sincere. '


So to realize this concept,Online ShopThe content of this book will continue to be more and more like this, so I would like to continue to offer my best regards to your memoirs.


We have also decided to leave the name of "rainy dining room," which has a favorite attachment, as a category.
Instagram I have a account on my account. @amahare_shokudofrom@amahare_onlineshopwas renamed.
Asuharu/AMAHAREOnline ShopI will try to deliver the information to the earliest possible time.



Hakogandairau: Harusawakunin, patrony;