Restock ' Yayadaemon kiln '

We reentered Yazan Emonkiln kiln by the former kiln of Arita ware kiln.

It was in 1616 that the first porcelain pottery, Arita ware, was first introduced in Japan.

Mr. Shingo Oka, a potter writer, has been working on a reproduction of the porcelain of Arita ware of 400 years ago.
Utsuwa, which was made by Oka-san, was a pottery, and the former Yazenomen kiln, Arita ware, was made by Yazenomiken.You have created a series of coincidentally coincidentally.
A recipe for ceramic and glaze is accepted, and a craftsman skilled in the Yayasan Emon kiln was made under the supervision of Okasa-san.

Look at it.
Yayoimon kiln