Restock "Shimoo Design・Round Tray and DAEN"

Fuyou is a series of beautiful wooden crafts whose grains rise above the surface.
The round tray and the "DAEN" plate which both are the most popular among Fuyou series, are now back in stock in our Online Shop.
Also Fuyou version of this plate "DAEN" is a special for AMAHARE.

You can use the round tray not only as a tray, but also serve foods directly like a plate.
DAEN is perfect plate size for Hors d'oeuvre.


"Fuyou" series

Their original technique highlights the woods natural grain and emphasizes its texture while adding a distinctive tone and rustic appeal.

A food-safe finish makes the pieces durable and safe from staining when used with wet and oily foods.


Please take a look and enjoy the beautiful charm of natural wooden works made by Shimoo Design.

We look forward to your visit.


You can find Shimoo Design's work at here .