ROCK #04


Item number D00032

Artist : Shotoku glass / Sumida Tokyo Japan
Material : glass
Dimensions : approx. Φ80mm x H90mm / approx. 270ml

Thin and smooth, a comfortable weight sensation. Simple and high quality.
This glass enhances the sake delicious.
Best selected Japanese rock glass.


Shotoku glass's works are handmade one by one. The color, shape and size of the works that you receive at hand may slight variations from the photographs. Please appreciate and enjoy it as character of individual pieces. Since glass is not a heat resistant material, don’t expose to extreme temperature changes in microwave or dishwasher.

microwave oven Dishwasher oven
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It may happen that some crafts available on our online store run out of stock due to time difference because the crafts are exhibited at store in Tokyo and online store simultaneously. You’ll be notified by email if your order is sold out.