Ceramics Kobo MINTAMA7 Size Lim Bed Persha


Item #: B00026

Making hand: Yukiki Sakai / Okinawa Prefecture Yoma
Material: porcelain stoneware
Size: Approximately φ 220 × H50 mm

Ashida yaki, which was created around Naha Ichizaki, about 400 years ago,
It is a "Mintama" series that arranged contemporarily.
Mintama (Mintama) is an eyeball in Okinawa dialect.

7 dimensions are recommended as soup dishes and pasta dishes.

※ There are individual differences in size, shape, glaze, color taste, etc. with handmade goods, and it may differ from the picture.
When you look forward to warm food, it is recommended that you use warm hot water and cold food enough to use cold water.

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